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Silkemyk og hårfri hud til sommeren

Get ready for summer with IPL hair removal

Did you know that to achieve an optimal and silky smooth result with our IPL hair remover, you should use the laser once a week for up to 12 weeks? This means that if you start NOW, you will be ready for the bikini season already in June. How lovely would it have been to take in the summer without a single unwanted hair on your body?

Hårfjerning med IPL-laser for menn

Hair removal with IPL laser for men

IPL laser hair removal gives very good results and is a very effective method of hair removal for men. How many people are not tired of the hair on the neck growing out quickly and ruining the whole hairstyle? Or want to remove hair on the chest or armpits, but think waxing is painful? Guys - invest in our IPL hair remover !

Myter og sannheter om hårfjerning med IPL-laser

Myths and truths about hair removal with the IPL laser

Do you want to try IPL laser hair removal, but are unsure because of various statements you have heard? There are many myths surrounding IPL hair removal, but most are rooted in ignorance and little experience with the method. In this post, we will therefore deal with various myths and truths about hair removal with IPL technology!

IPL-hårfjerning hjemmefra: 6 tips for et optimalt resultat

IPL hair removal at home: 6 tips for an optimal result

With our IPL hair remover , you will quickly notice that you have made a good investment! You will save both time and money by replacing your razor with our IPL laser. We can also guarantee that you won't miss dull razor blades, ingrown hairs and bumps. Follow the 6 tips in this post for optimal hair removal results!

Alt du trenger å vite om hårfjerning med IPL-laser | SILKEMYK

Everything you need to know about IPL laser hair removal

Are you bothered by pimples, bumps on the skin and ingrown hairs? Then one will IPL hair remover be perfect for you! Traditional methods of hair removal such as shaving, waxing and plucking are widely used, but give short-term results that often lead to sores and dry skin and ingrown hairs. Hair removal with the IPL laser, on the other hand, is a gentle and long-lasting method of hair removal that gives very good results on unwanted hair growth.

IPL hårfjerning med laser VS barbering | SILKEMYK

IPL hair removal with laser VS shaving

Are you tired of ingrown hairs, bumps and sore skin as a result of shaving? And painful experiences with waxing, epilation and threading to remove unwanted hair growth? Then you should read this article where we show you that you actually save both time and money by removing hair with the IPL laser from Silkemyk.

Hvordan bruke en IPL hårfjerner | SILKEMYK

How to use an IPL hair remover

Today, there are many different IPL devices on the market, and most of them provide long-lasting and good results on unwanted hair growth. However, there is one thing that not all IPL lasers have, and that is a good user manual. In this blog post, we will go in depth on Silkemyk's IPL hair remover and explain how you can achieve a good, long-lasting and silky smooth result from home.